Unisea Software and Web Browser support

Unisea Software is tested with Google Chrome and should work with all modern web browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. These browsers are referred to as Evergreen browsers. Evergreen browsers are updated frequently in background, continually updating their compliance with current Web Standards, as well as adding proprietary features.

We highly recommend using Google Chrome. However, if you encounter a serious problem with any other supported browser, we will look into it and try to come up with a solution. Remember to always keep your browser updated. Older browser versions (> 6 months) are not supported, and full functionality with UniSea Software can not be guaranteed.

Removal of support for Internet Explorer 11

UniSea announced the removal of support for Internet Explorer in April 2019.UniSea versions released after September 1. 2019, will not work with Internet Explorer 11. If you currently are using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend switching to Google Chrome or any other supported browser.

More on background for our decision can be read in this blog post from Microsoft: The perils of using IE11 as a browser