UniSea Monitoring & Alerts

Proactive IT Monitoring

UniSea Monitoring & Alerts ensures a stable IT infrastructure, preemptively addressing issues to safeguard your onboard systems.

40 Modules
2,500 Vessels
100% Compliance
Proactive Monitoring
Anticipate IT issues, avoid downtime.
Critical Alerts
Immediate notifications for system health.
Seamless IT Maintenance
Keep your fleet's IT running smoothly.

Here's what our customers have to say

Bjarne Sylta


I am impressed with UniSea. UniSea has all the same functionality as other systems but is easy to use, which is important when you ask guys offshore to do paperwork after the working day.

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Runar Stave

Senior VP

Unisea offers the most complete software solution for the offshore industry.

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Marius Hansen

Fleet Manager

The Project module is a complete game changer for our industry. Its user-friendly interface has been critical to ensure that both our office personnel and our on-site teams have embraced it and are using it regularly. The ability to automate complex tasks has significantly streamlined our operations, allowing us to free up time to focus on the more critical aspects of our technical operations.

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40 Modules
2,500 Vessels
100% Compliance