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We are committed to ensuring that your visit to UniSea is seamless and enjoyable. To facilitate your travel planning, we’ve curated recommendations across key categories: Flight, Transport, Accommodation and Exploring Karmøy. Our goal is to provide you with essential information, making your experience with us as smooth as possible.

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When planning a visit to the UniSea main office in Skudeneshavn, there are multiple routes available depending on your origin. Please refer to the map below for our suggested airports, indicated by the red outlines. The green arrow and red marker represent the location of our office.

For those arriving from abroad, Oslo Gardermoen Airport is the primary entry point in Norway. From there, we recommend catching a flight to Haugesund Airport, which is the closest airport to our office.

Alternatively, flights to Stavanger Airport Sola or Bergen Airport are also available, but will require a rental car or transfer flight to reach your final destination.

Bergen: 3,5-hour drive / transfer flight to Haugesund
Stavanger: 2,5-hour drive
Haugesund: 40 minutes’ drive

Our HQ in Skudeneshavn is approximately a 40 minutes drive from Haugesund.


Upon arrival at Haugesund Lufthavn Karmøy, guests may opt to arrange for transportation via either taxi or rental car. Our main office is located approximately 40 minutes from the airport, subject to traffic conditions.

Rental car
Avis & Hertz both have offices at Haugesund Airport.

Route: Haugesund Airport follow E134 (a few km) to the roundabout on FV47, turn right and follow FV47 to Skudeneshavn via Åkrehamn (west side of Karmøy) until you reach your destination at Postvegen 25, 4280 Skudeneshavn.

Karmøy Taxi: +47 52 85 80 80
Haugaland Taxi: +47 52 81 81 81
Haugesund Taxi: +47 52 80 80 80

The most common route to Skudeneshavn is on the west side of the island.


The opening hours of restaurants in Skudeneshavn vary with the seasons, and there are days when they do not provide service. We kindly ask you to check the opening hours before deciding on accommodation.

Additionally, we might want to emphasize that for the best dining and nightlife experience, Haugesund is the preferred choice.

Havn Hotel & Restaurant

In the heart of Skudeneshavn, with the town square on one side and the harbor basin on the other, you will find Havn Hotel & Restaurant. The property consists of a restored, rustic boathouse as well as a newly built, urban restaurant space. Old and new are combined in the best way possible to create a cozy atmosphere.

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HAVN Hotel in Skudeneshavn.

Gamlekaien Anno 1771

For those seeking accommodations in close proximity to our office in Skudeneshavn, we recommend reaching out to Gamlekaien Anno 1771. Nestled within the charming and historic old town of Skudeneshavn, this small and inviting Bed & Breakfast offers a comfortable and intimate stay.

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Gamlekaien is a charming hotel in a 250 year-old building.


For those seeking accommodations in close proximity to our office in Skudeneshavn, we recommend reaching out to Norneshuset. It’s a small and cosy Bed & Breakfast in the old town of Skudeneshavn.

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A small and cozy bed and breakfast in the Old Town.

Radisson Park Inn Hotel

If proximity to the airport is your main priority, the Radisson Park Inn Hotel is a viable option. Located just a few kilometers from the airport, it offers convenience for travellers. However, please note that a daily commute of 35-40 minutes by car or taxi is necessary to reach our main office.

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Park Inn with its proximity to the airport, not our office.

Quality Hotel Maritim

If you prefer to stay in the city, Quality Hotel Maritim is an option located in the heart of Haugesund, with a magnificent view of the beautiful and historical Karmsundet. However, please note that this location entails a 45-50 minute drive to reach the UniSea main office.

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Quality Hotel Maritim is located in the city of Haugesund.

Exploring Karmøy

Explore Karmøy, a captivating Norwegian island blending history and nature. Visit Avaldsnes for Viking history, stroll along Åkrasanden’s beaches, and hike scenic trails. Enjoy water activities, picturesque villages, and savor local cuisine in charming towns like Skudeneshavn. Karmøy offers a harmonious mix of cultural richness and natural beauty, promising a memorable adventure.


A short walk from our Main Office you can enjoy a refreshing start to your day with a visit to the city’s bathhouse and sauna, “Bade-Olena.” Designed as a lighthouse, the sauna offers a panoramic view of the harbor. Accommodating up to eight persons, although it’s more comfortable with six, don’t forget your swimsuit or swimming trunks.

In 1873, Olena Gitlesen established the town’s first bathhouse. The bathhouse was located at the end of Søragadå. Olena could offer both cold and warm sea baths and was listed with the profession of “bathing woman.” In colloquial terms, she was simply called “Bade-Olena.”

There were both cold and warm sea baths available. For cold sea baths, there were large wooden boxes that could be hoisted directly into the sea. In an extension towards the mountainside, warm sea baths were provided.

The water was heated in a large pot on a primitive stove that had to be fired up for each bather. The water had to be pumped up from the sea using a hand pump. Bade-Olena had a small room to herself where she ensured that everyone recorded their names in the logbook and paid for the bath. A warm sea bath cost 50 øre in 1904. … The shower was a barrel on a stand under the roof. When you pulled a rope, the barrel tipped, and through a sieve, the water poured. From “Houses and Residents.

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Syreneset Fort

A German fortress from World War II located in South Karmøy. This site provided the occupying forces with a vantage point and control over all maritime traffic. Today, HKB Syre stands as one of the most impressive installations on the Haugalandet. The enormous command bunker is a remarkable sight as it gazes out over the sea. The contrast between this sturdy structure and the weather-beaten west coast with the vast ocean just beyond makes a visit to Syre an unforgettable experience.

Syreneset Fort was operational from March 1943 and was equipped with five 12.2cm cannons with a firing range of 21,000 meters. Beneath this fortress, the command post for two turret guns covering the entrance to Skudeneshavn was located. R 655 type crew bunkers exist only at Syre in Norway and are not built elsewhere in the country. The fort is well camouflaged in the terrain.

Today, it is possible to enter the Command Bunker itself, and from the observation post’s 13 cm high opening along the entire outer wall, one has a panoramic view from Haugesund to Stavanger. There is plenty to climb and explore, and it is dark inside the bunkers, so be sure to bring a flashlight.

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If you like WWII history, then Syreneset Fort is a good place to explore.

Silky Soft Beaches

Sandvesanden and Åkrasanden invite you to white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters – both proudly holding the environmentally certified Blue Flag. These are top-notch bathing spots and delightful havens for recharging year-round. The North Sea presents a spectacular view, regardless of the weather, and the beaches and coastal trails of Karmøy are popular destinations for hikers.

Åkrasanden is consistently named Norway’s finest beach, distinguished by its many beaches resembling small lagoons in a row. Along the coastline from Åkrehamn to Ferkingstad, a cultural and nature trail unfolds. A stroll here unveils unique sand vegetation, intriguing historical traces, and a cultural landscape shaped by people over centuries. At Rabinowitzplassen, immerse yourself in the playful reality of the magnificent glass artwork titled ‘Time.’

Sandvesanden: is one of Karmøy’s finest beach pearls, situated near Sandve, north of Skudeneshavn (4.8 km). The area boasts rich biodiversity – the vegetation around the beach is a true delight for plant enthusiasts. Volleyball nets, mobility mats, toilets, and the environmentally certified Blue Flag contribute to the area’s charm. A lovely and short walk along the coastal path to the charming Sandve harbor is highly recommended!

Åkrasanden: Many have experienced a delightful surprise on their first stroll here. Especially in summer, a Mediterranean ambiance prevails on the beach, stretching long and sandy against the turquoise sea. With the Blue Flag eco-label, toilets, and mobility mats, it’s a beachside haven.

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Who needs Greece, Spain and Italy when the best beach is located in Karmøy?

Homeland of the Viking Kings
Avaldsnes – Norway’s Oldest Royal Seat

Our rich cultural heritage forms the foundation for exciting events at Avaldsnes. Here, Harald Hårfagre established one of his royal estates. The historical landscape narrates the tales of the first Norwegian kings and legendary figures mentioned in myths and poems. The rulers who controlled the ancient ‘Nordvegen’ left powerful traces: towering burial mounds, tall standing stones, and rich discoveries. You can visit a comprehensive history center, the medieval church, the ruins of a royal estate, and a reconstructed Viking farm!

Olav’s Church The magnificent medieval church was built by King Håkon Håkonsson around 1250 as part of the royal estate. Håkon Håkonsson dedicated the church to St. Olav, making Avaldsnes an important stop for pilgrims heading to Nidaros. This is the regional center for the Coastal Pilgrim Route. You can walk the pilgrim’s path from Olav’s Church to Bukkøy, and during the summer, you’ll meet pilgrim Siv – in the year of Our Lord 1308 – for a journey with stories about St. Olav and other events in Ogvaldsnes!

Nordvegen History Center In consideration of cultural heritage and the historical landscape, much of the building is underground. The entrance symbolizes “Mímir’s Well,” the well of knowledge in Norse mythology. Here, you’ll encounter Harald Hårfargre, the national collector, who guides you through a 3500-year history of Avaldsnes as the meeting place between Norway and Europe.

Viking Farm Experience exciting Viking history at the Viking Farm on an island surrounded by trees with reconstructed houses and boathouses. At the Viking Farm, you’ll learn how our ancestors built and how the Vikings lived. In the summer, you’ll meet Viking warriors and housewives, and you can participate in challenging activities.

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